Welcome to Fairacres Farms -- a farm and so much more!

Our modern farm is diversified and offers you several different services under one roof!  We offer farm products such as beef and hay, shop services including welding/fabricating, auto/truck repair, tractor repair/restoration and bookkeeping.

The farm is operated by husband and wife team Greg and Sue Jones.  With a 29 year history, the farm has seen some changes.  In its earlier years it has raised a family and boarded horses (complete with an indoor arena).  However, for the last 20 years we've been raising beef cattle and establishing our own identities as entrepreneurs.

Greg, a Navy veteran,  is a mechanic with 25 years of experience.  He also is a top notch welder and fabricator with 35 years of experience in that field.

Sue was an LPN and a Human Resource Manager before becoming self employed 24 years ago.  She first opened and operated a horse boarding facility on the farm.  Later, she entered into the cow/calf operation with Greg, and 14 years ago, she started her own bookkeeping company.

  Farm Products - Beef, Hay                Shop Services - Welding & Fabricating

  Auto & Truck Repair                                    Tractor Repair & Restoration